prepaid rent normal balance

Based on the information provided, prepare West End’s annual financial statements (omit the Statement of Cash Flows). Rent is a revenue account and like all revenue
accounts it has credit balance as normal balance. As each month passes, adjust the accounts by the amount of rent you use.

Prepaid insurance is usually considered a current asset, as it becomes converted to cash or used within a fairly short time. The payment of the insurance expense is similar to money in the bank—as that money is used up, it is withdrawn from the account in each month or accounting period. Prepaid rent is either an asset or a liability on the balance sheet. Either way, it is typically considered a current asset or liability rather than a long-term one. When reviewing prepaid rent normal balance, it’s important you substantiate the balance with supporting documents. When the payments go through, and the prepayment is reduced, the expense is recorded on the income statement.

What type of account is prepaid rent?

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prepaid rent normal balance

Company A signs a one-year lease on a warehouse for $10,000 a month. The landlord requires that Company A pays the annual amount ($120,000) upfront at the beginning of the year. Chartered accountant Michael Brown is the founder and CEO of Double Entry Bookkeeping.

How Are Prepaid Expenses Recorded on the Income Statement?

This example journal entry doesn’t involve the income statement account because both the prepaid rent and cash amount go on the balance sheet. Therefore, this journal entry covers increasing one asset (the prepaid rent) and decreasing another asset (the cash account). That is, as the benefits of the prepaid rent are realized, it is reported on the income statement in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) matching principle. Prepaid rent is not initially recorded on the income statement because according to the GAAP matching principle, expenses cannot be reported on the income statement before they are incurred.

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3.2Provide the missing amounts of the accounting equation for each of the following companies. LO
3.2Consider the following accounts and determine if the account is an asset (A), a liability (L), or equity (E). As per the agreement with the landlord, they were supposed to pay an advance rent of 2 years (up to 31 December 2020). However, the amortization of this asset only takes place once the company utilizes the said service.

Prepaid Rent Balance definition

This keeps on reducing overtime, and for every subsequent month, the amount is expensed as the service is utilized. Therefore, it makes sense to treat it as a Current Asset until the company does not render the respective service. It is treated as a Current Asset (and not as Non-Current Asset) because in most business cases, the amount paid in advance lasts for a shorter duration than 12 months. Accrual-based accounting is used across all organizations today to apply the matching principle of accounting.

  • The journal entry shows how the balance for the prepaid rent went down by $2,500 because the benefit of this expenditure was used up in January.
  • To create your first journal entry for prepaid expenses, debit your Prepaid Expense account.
  • When an account has a balance that is opposite the expected normal balance of that account, the account is said to have an abnormal balance.
  • Assets generally maintain a debit balance, which means to
    increase the balance we debit and to decrease the balance we
  • The bottom line is that a prepaid rent payment is recorded as an asset on the balance sheet until when the prepayment for the property has been used up.
  • Rent is commonly paid in advance, being due on the first day of that month covered by the rent payment.

This means that the premium you pay is allotted to the upcoming time period. Then, when the expense is incurred, the prepaid expense account is reduced by the amount of the expense, and the expense is recognized on the company’s income statement in the period when it was incurred. It should be noted that if an account is normally a debit balance it is increased by a debit entry, and if an account is normally a credit balance it is increased by a credit entry. So for example a debit entry to an asset account will increase the asset balance, and a credit entry to a liability account will increase the liability. Preparing for a prepaid rent journal entry starts with knowing when to make one.

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Expenses that are used to make payments for goods or services that will be received in the future are known as prepaid expenses. But, as the benefit of the prepaid expense is realized, or as the expense is incurred, it is recognized on the income statement. A current asset account that reports the amount of future rent expense that was paid in advance of the rental period. The amount reported on the balance sheet is the amount that has not yet been used or expired as of the balance sheet date. The initial journal entry for a prepaid expense does not affect a company’s financial statements.