A Complete Guide to Conversational AI in Healthcare

conversational user interface

Erica can efficiently understand voice, text, as well as tap inputs from the users. Erica indeed shows its versatility when it comes to understanding the customers’ varied questions. Currently, Erica can understand almost 500,000 different variations of the questions that customers ask. Drafting the perfect script isn’t easy, and one wrong turn could derail your entire user experience—and your business growth. Not sure how to tell whether your setup should be designed for sales use cases, support use cases, or a combination of the two?

conversational user interface

The trick is also not to provide too much information and too little information. Keep your questions interconnected to best understand the customer and further give the correct answer. These interfaces predominantly consist of chatbots that are powered by written messages. They help users to complete many tasks — how many tasks and how complex those tasks are depends on the AI powering the bot. The unstructured format of human language makes it difficult for a machine to always correctly interpret the user’s data/request, to shift towards Natural Language Understanding (NLU). NLU handle unstructured inputs and converts them into a structured form that a machine can understand and acts.

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To get to the most valuable content, users need some extra tools that can sort the content and deliver only the relevant stuff. Also, such an interface can be used to provide metrics regarding performance based on the task management framework. This information then goes straight to the customer relationship management platform and is used to nurture the leads and turn them into legitimate business opportunities. The system can also redirect to the human operator in case of queries beyond the bot’s reach.

This small attribute enormously improves its human-like conversational style. With the help of a conversational user interface, Duolingo has revolutionized the language learning sector. As mentioned earlier, the skewed doctor-patient ratio forces doctors to look after an unprecedented number of patients in their schedule that undermines treatment quality.

Basic Customer Support

Let’s dig deep to find out if a conversational user interface is worth your attention. Over the years, Lark and its conversational user interface have received a few achievements. In the same year, when conversational AI and chatbots started receiving more recognition, Skyscanner joined the league by introducing their Facebook Messenger bot. An interactive bot has today become a one-stop-shop for all general queries that patients may have. They no longer have to call the healthcare center or waste time going through the website to find the relevant information.

conversational user interface

Providers can use conversational AI systems to present patients with common symptoms based on their condition. If a patient identifies a problem during a post-procedure call, a virtual agent can immediately connect the patient to a doctor or nurse to assess whether readmission is necessary. With IVA, providers can identify post-procedure issues faster, which can reduce hospital readmission rates.

A conversational user interface (CUI) is a digital interface that enables users to interact with software following the principles of human-to-human conversation. CUI is more social and natural in so far as the user messages, asks, agrees, or disagrees instead of just navigating or browsing. Today, chatbots are being used to get this done, just like speaking to an assistant. You have to enter what you wish to know through a series of chats, following which you will obtain a slot to book your appointment.

conversational user interface

A chatbot aimed to cater to a healthcare center’s needs could let patients book their appointments within a minute without getting in touch with a receptionist or human agent. Chatbots also help medical centers deal with unlimited user queries, and the staff will not be swamped with the number of questions, no matter how high it gets. The use of conversational AI cases in the healthcare sector is not limited to just patients. Healthcare professionals can help chatbots recover the personal data of discharged patients and admit new patients. With easy access to patients’ medical records, care teams are empowered to take appropriate action and offer personalized treatment to make the patient visit more productive.

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